Tricks And Treats! Halloween Role-Playing In The Bedroom

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The full moon rises on the crisp fall air. A werewolf cries out in pleasure in the distance and the sound of leaves crunching under the feet of trespassers outside only sets the mood for a new sexual you. Halloween is a holiday that modernly is celebrated for the things that go bump in the night and can more than bring out the monster in all of us. It is about getting out your dark fantasies in not only a theatrical sense but bringing new heights to your sex life in a kinky manner. Role-playing is essential for the Halloween season and the best way to bring out your inner freak is to spice up old positions between the sheets.


Take a traditional position like Cowgirl and spice it up by adding a plain white sheet to it. Have the female wear the sheet while riding you on top to mimic the effect of a ghost. Something out of the ordinary to add a bit of humor and fun to anyone’s sexy time!


Take the fun factor of doggy style and add a howl here and there. You never know what kind of beast you can bring out in the bedroom this way.


In my personal opinion it is always a good time for handcuffs in the bedroom. The more ties, whips and blindfolds the better. So take a risk and play a good old fashioned game of cops and robbers. Be sure to take your time and take advantage of the handcuffs and blindfolds by using them to heighten your partner’s sense of touch. No matter who ends up being the good guy or the bad guy in this situation, you know both of you will be well rewarded by the end of it.


What about group play for the Halloween season? came up with an amazing idea that turns a fun game of bobbing for apples, into a great time with a pair of boobs. Take a bath, or a jacuzzi and follow the traditional rules of bobbing for apples with both hands behind your back as you dip your head into the water looking to grab a (gentle) bite of something.


Break out the face paints and have a little fun with this one. Paint your face orange to resemble a pumpkin and bring your partner to life by being The Pumpkin Queen of oral sex. Whether you want to finish the job or move on to the main event, make sure you make your partner scream with pleasure to bring out the shrill cry for the spooky festivities.


Having sex ‘til the break of dawn has always been a favorite of mine. By the time the sun starts rising you may feel a little bit out of it and spacey. Use this as a way to bring out your inner zombie and unleash your hunger for flesh. Start with small nibbles all over each other’s bodies leading up to a full on attack. If you are like me, you may even feel the compulsion to spice it up with some great special effects make up or maybe even some stage blood to bring your ‘Walking Dead’ fantasies to life.


While the theme of Halloween in your sex life may only be for one month each year, role playing never has to go out of style. Talk to your partner about some fun things you have always wanted to try and get on the same page about your fantasies. Acting is very therapeutic, not only for your sex life, but your own emotional well-being too.

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