Jenyne Butterfly Turns Heads At Pole Pressure 2011

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The talented Jenyne Butterfly gave a jaw dropping performance to Florence & The Machine’s ‘Dog Days Are Over,’ at this year’s Pole Pressure Showcase. Pole Pressure is a D.C. & Virginia based Pole Dancing fitness center that offers a variety of classes for beginners & advanced dancers.

In case you didn’t know, Pole Dancing isn’t just for strippers anymore! It has been proven to be a great fitness regime to build & tone your core areas. Upper body strength is a huge focus in the training, but your abs do most of the work helping to keep balance & being able to advance to different techniques while on the pole.

In any case, Jenyne is truly talented & has turned something as simple as pole dancing into a unique & graceful act. If anything this should encourage females every where to take up Pole Dancing for fitness. Next time you see Groupon or LivingSocial offering a couple lessons for 60% off, it might be worth the investment! All you’ll need after that is a nice new pair of heels to strut your stuff in.

You can find out more about Jenyne Butterfly by visiting her Official Site.

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