It’s National Condom Week & Planned Parenthood Has The Right Idea!

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Planned Parenthood has been facing recent battles in regards to their funding, but that won’t stop them raising awareness for their causes with ingenious viral marketing campaigns. With a recent streak of entertaining, and viral videos to promote their campaigns, Planned Parenthood is approaching a new frontier with social media & sex education. And it is definitely catching the attention of some very powerful media outlets. This is the age of the consumer right now, so prior funders of Planned Parenthood can’t afford to back down now, with the American people needing cheap health care now more than ever.

This video was released yesterday to bring awareness to National Condoms Week! This video turns condom boxes, much like the ones they give out at Planned Parenthood in what I like to refer to as, ‘The Party Favors Bag,’, into a toppling domino set. Hence the name, ‘Condominoes!’. Much like the Finnish Aids Council did a couple weeks ago, using Facebook Check-ins over private parts, this ad too encourages the use of a condom to provide a safe sex option for you & your partner. While it doesn’t go into much detail, you can read my prior post on Safe Sex advertisements to gain understanding that using a condom is to help prevent the contraction of STD’s, as well as control unwanted pregnancies. It doesn’t make you any less of a man to cover your junk. In fact, I think it’s kind of a turn on as a lady to see that someone cares for the welfare of my own health, as well as theirs.

With creativity & a positive message of change behind all their campaigns, only the sky is the limit for what Planned Parenthood can do for the better good of society.


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