Objectum Sexuality 101

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Objectum Sexuality is a new, yet taboo topic on the rise, in which a person develops feelings of intimacy with an object. This intimacy deals with the levels of an emotional connection, as opposed to being completely physical, but there is no set rule as to how the individual develops feelings & shows them towards thus said object.

Amanda WhittakerWhile browsing my email today, I came across this story sent in by a reader. Amanda Liberty sent in to the Daily Mail, a full story detailing her relationship with the Statue of Liberty, including pictures & details about the long distance. Previously, Amanda was in a 10 year relationship with her drum kit, which she described the attraction to stem from the beautiful shapes that each piece held individually & as a whole. She was able to pinpoint that she has a geometrical attraction when it boiled down to the drum kit. When Amanda wanted to be sexually intimate with the drum set, she would take different parts of it to bed & just cuddle them.

Amanda was still in the relationship with her drum set when she met, ‘Libby,’ & felt that she was almost being unfaithful that she had to end it with her drums to be with her true love. Amanda has seen the Statue of Liberty multiple times, & there was no specific image that created the spark of affection for her, but she loves the ideals behind what the Statue of Liberty stands for. Amanda has been in a long distance relationship with the Statue of Liberty for quite some time at this point, & when asked about the future & possibility of marriage with the American Icon, she claimed that it isn’t fair for her to settle down with her.

In late 2008 to early 2009, the idea of Objectum Sexuality rose to the media attention with a lackluster boiling point. Both ABC News & the Tyra Banks Show reported & featured Erika Eiffel, a then 36 year old female, who fell in love with the Eiffel Tower in more than an artistic mannered way. Erika Eiffel visited the Eiffel Tower in 2004 & felt that immediate attraction, comparative to finding your soul mate. In 2007, she showed the world how committed she was to this relationship by taking the final step & “marrying” the World famous landmark. She also founded OS Internaionale, which is an organization for those who develop significant relationships with inanimate objects. The group is growing on a daily basis as more individuals globally feel encouraged & motivated to raise awareness to the idea of being an Objectum Sexual.

Erika Eiffel

Living in a modern age where almost anything goes, it is truly remarkable & somewhat noble of people to fall in love in general. But to see individuals fall in love so selflessly really opens my eyes to the idea of what I view love to be. While it may not be something I could personally get behind in my own love life, being someone who lives for sexual thrills in a relationship, it is a very selfless thing for people to be passionate so deeply about the idea or connection with a specific object or landmark that they would be compulsed to outwardly express it & even consider it to be an affair if another object came along.

From a Marketing & Advertising stand point, items are made to be sexy, stunning, elaborate.. because that’s what sells. So to some degree, some of the individuals who suffer from Objectum Sexuality on a lower level are merely dealing with being easily manipulated by someone doing their job & doing it well. When they refer to objects by gender, they then begin to sexualize it, but dozens of psychologists stick with the idea that this is not a mental disorder, but simply another idea of sexual orientation. There are factors to take in to consideration when working with individuals who are coping with Objectum Sexuality. If the individual has a history of being rejection or abandonment by people of importance in their lives, this becomes a great psychological backbone to the mindset that a human will hurt them but an object is incapable of doing that. Another idea behind why people develop Objectum Sexuality is due to the mental disorder, Aspergers. Individuals with Aspergers for the most part are incapable of creating social relationships. So they develop connections with objects due to the fact there is no expectations, no rejections, & it’s a simpler way to connect. It symbolizes trust which they have a hard time grasping onto with humans. While Aspergers may be the case on the smaller end of the bell curve for this topic, Objectum Sexuality is still not something to be considered as a condition or a disorder.

While looking from an outsiders perspective, it sometimes saddens me to see individuals dehumanized for the way they wish to live their own lives. Whether you agree with it, or not, if they are truly happy & it isn’t hurting anyone else, then why should anyone change?


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