Safe Sex For Seniors

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I have spoken out several times on the importance of safe sex, especially when it comes to casual encounters & new partners in the bedroom. But I bet you would never have guessed that STD’s in elderly have been on the rise?

In Florida, land of the free & home of the retired old folks, STD’s in seniors have risen by 71% over the five last years. Most of which were individuals over the age of 50 contracting HIV. One theory described on suggests that the rise of divorce around that age has many individuals who are back on the market confused about the accessibility & availability of condoms. It also goes on to state that most elderly individuals who go back into the dating world & meet a new partner still think of the condoms their grandparents used to use, & shun the idea altogether.

While the idea still in fact remains just a theory of why STD’s are so high for the age bracket, there is still no solid evidence at this time to support any of the claims. Currently, there are little to no studies being done on the sex life of older individuals, but this ad is sure to be the start of a new era for getting freaky as your knees get creaky.

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