Sexy Celeb Scandals: Taylor Swift

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We can all hear it now. The voice of Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift mid song, “Yo Taylor, I’m happy for you and imma let you finish.. but Marilyn Monroe had one of the best wardrobe malfunctions of all time.”

All jokes aside, during a recent show, Taylor Swift endured a ‘G’ rated malfunction almost paying tribute to the late Marilyn Monroe with a wind blown dress flowing up her petite body. Although, we can hardly call this a wardrobe malfunction, it still appears to be something that was unexpected. While critics and fans alike have chosen to ignore the mishap, I still found it worthy to report. Through a tasteful outfit, and even modest undergarments, Taylor Swift can definitely be deemed a role model for both young females, and blossoming adults everywhere.

Remember ladies, keep it classy.

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