Cheating Girlfriend Dumped On LIVE Radio

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A cheater is a cheater.. no matter how or why you did it. While I have discussed previously that sometimes cheating can be justifiable.. there is no real reason to ever be (for lack of better wording) a dirty, skank ass hoe.

While rumor has it that this whole call was staged, I wouldn’t put it past some shallow woman out there to have the first question be, ‘How much is the ring worth?’

I think more people should follow suit with public humiliation. I find fear instilling to be more of a inhibitor than most of my own thoughts. So why not? If someone can’t resist temptation while in a relationship for whatever reason, why not make them fearful of the temptation & repercussions by putting them on a pedestal for society to mock? I mean, isn’t that what most of our ancestors did to those they found wrong in their eyes?

Oh wait, they stoned them. That’s a totally different thing. Maybe we should just do that then.

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