New Facebook Break Up Manager Is Here To Be A Shoulder To Cry On

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Facebook often puts their users first with new and innovative features. From stream lined timelines of the people and pages you interact with most, to silly stickers, and even tailoring friend recommendations to grow our circles. Facebook has thought of everything to grow their community, and our own.

However, it’s been a surprise that it’s taken so long for them to integrate more solutions that assist with making the ever so public facing break up process a bit easier. It was several long years of your relationship status being broadcasted, which was embarrassing and a bit too much information for friends and family you weren’t ready to tell about the issue.

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And once that was implemented, there was another issue with their new algorithm showing people you interact with the most more in your feed. You were forced to see everything your ex was up to, unless you unfriended them or blocked them.

Then Facebook integrated the option to hide posts or unfollow users. Which made it easy to not have to go through the awkward friend request process again once you’ve had your “space” and are ready to be friendly with the ex-SO.

Facebook Product Manager Kelly Winters made a post to the Facebook newsroom site explaining new changes coming to Facebook. The way it works is that, after you change your relationship status from “In a relationship” to “single,” you’ll be presented with a kind of breakup navigation module. Facebook will ask you a series of questions and give you a handful of options to give you more control over how much you see of your ex.Facebook Break Up Manager

This new setting will not only allow for you to control what you see of your ex, but limit what they see of you as well. Additionally when you go to tag someone, it will not auto pop up their name first in the drop down menu of the post or photo tagging options.Facebook Breakup Manager

The best part is, your ex will not know whether or not you made these changes to your Facebook. It will seamlessly take over to help make Facebook your shoulder to cry on in your time of need. In theory, social media can be quite a vicious cycle when it comes to the healing process of a broken heart, and starting to date again. Being able to slowly have the other back in your life should help make the recovery process much easier without fully having to disconnect from Facebook or isolate yourself to truly get away from that former special someone.

Facebook is rolling this feature out to US mobile apps as a testing process, and based on how well it is received they may expand this to other users shortly after.

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