Goodwill Wants You To ‘Donate Your Ex’s Stuff’ This Valentine’s Day

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Nobody likes break ups, but Goodwill’s Donate Your Ex’s Stuff campaign is looking to bring some tongue in cheek humor to those brutal V-Day break-ups.

Goodwill stores in the Sarasota, Florida, area are hosting what they categorize as an anti-Valentine’s Day campaign called “Donate Your Ex’s Stuff.”

Marketing and Public Relations coordinator for Goodwill Manasota, Kelly Davis Strausbaugh, told ABC News, “We’re telling people they can turn the hate into donate and they’ll feel great in the process.”

This is not only a great way to clear up your apartment of forgotten belongings and old memories, but to also get rid of both some physical and emotional baggage in the process.

The campaign was announced Monday night at a nearby radio station and is set to launch the day after Valentine’s Day, Monday, February 15th. This can help give any broken-hearted people time to gather their ex’s belongings or time to cope with a brutal Valentine’s Day break-up.

Donating to Goodwill not only helps those in need or those who are looking to ‘pop some tags’ but it also helps create much needed jobs in the local communities.

In addition to the Sarasota-area chapter, the Goodwill of Southern Nevada, in Las Vegas, will also be participating in the campaign this year.

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