Holiday Scents To Boost Your Mood

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With the holidays coming and going at a more substantial speed year after year, sometimes it’s hard to stop and catch your breath from the busy rush of shopping for presents, holiday dinners and crowded family events. But when you do get the chance to stop and smell the roses, is that the scent you really need to unwind and survive this time of year? Or would you like to know which aromas give you that seasonal magic boost you’re craving?


Pumpkin Pie is one of the first holiday scents scientifically proven to put your man in the mood. The distinct smell alone can increase penile blood flow by up to 40% compared to the normal measurement. It is also a known fact that eating pumpkin seeds can boost testosterone levels significantly. Now, you don’t have to go crazy slathering on pumpkin lotion or baking pumpkin pies daily for your significant other, but it doesn’t hurt to bake one for a special evening, or burn a pumpkin pie scented candle during the holidays, or anytime of the year for that matter.


This combination of aromas has been defined as a ‘comfort’ scent, in which the sweet and spicy duo conjures up good feelings of security and love. Cinnamon stimulates circulation which is always good for creating sexual desire, and it also aids in digestion, which can help get you in the mood if you feel a bit sluggish after a big holiday meal! Vanilla is a homey smell that is reminiscent of food, triggering the psychological arousal known as sensory recall.  Maybe the scent reminds you of enjoying a hot beverage while snuggling up with a good book on a cold day, or maybe it brings back the aroma of your childhood kitchen with your family cooking up a big dinner. Studies reveal that olfactory sensory recall brings an emotional response greater than that of any other sense. Why not take advantage of this?  You can cook with vanilla and cinnamon, or use lotions or massage oils for sexy massage time. Also consider adding essential oils to a bath or wax burner, to keep these scents in your home year round.


This strong aroma possesses the power to not only awaken your senses but also to act as a pain reliever when used as a massage oil. The scent helps relieve headaches, relax nerves, clear congestion, reduce muscle spasms and cramping, and even kills viral bacteria within your body. Peppermint is a natural herbal remedy that will kick out that winter cold and promote happy health during this time of the year and just in time for you to enjoy feeling the heat of your partner’s body next to yours. Because this scent can be overwhelming, it is key to use it in small amounts. Peppermints, along with peppermint hot chocolate or mochas are a great way to relax & unwind during your mid-day routine while still maintaining your energy to face the next several hours of your busy schedule. But if you need a bit more of an intensive treatment, use a small amount of peppermint scented massage oil on your shoulders & mid-back section. It will revitalize you and your partner, helping to boost stamina which can keep you both going all through the night; it may even convince one of you to try something new!


While these scents are specific to just a couple months of the year, aromatherapy is a lifestyle change that is worth investing in year round. There are plenty of other scents that you may already be aware of through personal experience or spa therapies, and there may be hundreds or even thousands more waiting to be discovered by your sense of smell. Is there a specific aroma in your life that possibly takes you back to one of your first dates? Or maybe you have a favorite perfume because it reminds you of a loved one? There is no limit to which scents will calm and ease your nerves, and there is certainly no limit as to what aromas really get your blood flowing & heart racing.

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