Sexy Celeb Scandals: Kelly Rowland – Part 2?

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It wasn’t terribly long ago when Kelly Rowland was the spotlight of my Sexy Celeb Scandals for being one of few to have the recent bouts of ‘nip-slips’ on stage during a performance. But in the November issue of Cosmopolitan UK, Kelly Rowland has some even more revealing news regarding her decision of going under the knife to enhance her already blossoming bosoms almost four years ago.

Yes, that’s right. In October 2007, Kelly Rowland got breast implants & is sexier than ever. But she isn’t just sexy because of the bigger tata’s she’s been more than happy to show off. Kelly Rowland is boosting a new outlook on life with self confidence & no regrets about her decision. It wasn’t an impulsive decision either for her. She reported that to finally get the ball rolling on going under for cosmetic surgery it took her almost a decade to weigh out the heaviness of the situation at hand.

So what are the pro’s & con’s of breast implants? Well, the pro’s are more than apparent. For most it truly is a confidence booster & brings happiness. While some may argue the fact that materialistic items only bring short-term happiness, I beg to differ. I find your outer appearance to play a large role in your inner appearances self esteem. When you feel good about the way you look it boosts your confidence & I think it’s safe to say that confidence is sexier than anything you could ever do to yourself.

While surgeons work constantly to create safer methods to all types of surgeries, & even technology advances make most of them a cake walk there are still specific risks of undergoing any procedure, especially breast augmentation. Anesthesia still remains at the top of the list for being one of the most dangerous parts about going under the knife. While local anesthetics work almost flawlessly, there are problems regarding twilight or full anesthetic procedures. Most complications with anesthesia derive from lack of proper oxygen flow to the patient, as well as other complications like unknown allergies, malignant hypothermia & rarely human error due to the fact drugs react differently patient to patient.

All surgeries come with the recovery period & chance to contract an infection. During this time it is apparent that you will need someone to take care of you. This recovery process takes about 1-2 weeks before you start feeling better & you cannot do even simple tasks during this time like showering, washing your hair, or simple household day to day tasks. It is important to keep clean during this all so washing your hair the night before surgery is a great way to keep the hygiene up as well as taking sponge/spot baths throughout the 1-2 weeks, with help from a friend of course. Great hygiene is the best way to avoid any infection so it is of the greatest importance to enforce it at any point in your life, not just for surgeries!

I would have to say the worst con on the list would have to be the cost of the implants. For the most part, the price of implants & surgeon fees can rack up a bill higher than even some of the cheapest new cars out there. Most procedures in the United States run a whopping $20,000 minimum. Of course almost all surgeons are willing to set up payment plans on the surgery with a specific percentage set up front so it is more than ok to ask around if you are truly considering breast implants & see what deals can be made.

While it seems there are more con’s than pro’s to the idea of breast augmentation & implants, it truly varies on a case by case basis. Ultimately every individual in life has the right to pursue happiness, & if altering your body is going to assist in creating a healthier & more confident you than what is there to lose?

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