Paris, City of Love & One Direction Fangirls

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Beat The Street BusAs I made my way across London, I was met with the tour bus that would be the beginning of my story. A double-decker, Beat The Street Tour Bus, towered outside of our hotel waiting for us to load up and depart.

I felt like a rock star, as people stood around trying to figure out who we were and why such a large bus was only being filled with a guitarist and a short blonde. Nonetheless, the trip through London at night was nothing short of magical.

We made our way to the Ferry that was ready to take us across the English Channel and to France. April 29th marked the first show for me, and I was completely unprepared for what exactly that would entail. The bus boarded the Ferry, and we stayed in our bunks on the second story of the bus. Big mistake, as the Ferry swayed side from side, knocking us to and from across the stormy seas. An absolutely terrifying and surreal experience to be trapped in total darkness. Eventually though, the darkness had worn us out, and we submitted defeat to a good nights sleep.

Ah Paris, the city of love, romance, French food and wine. Also, the first stop on the tour. Since I was a young child I had this romanticized version of the city in my head. Cobblestone roads, beautiful apartments that overlooked the city, art, music, passion.. The list could really go on and on.

Eiffel Tower Paris

By the time we woke up in the bus, we had a very limited amount of time to sight see around the city. I walked out of the bus into the bright sunshine and was immediately greeted by the screams of a thousand teenage girls who mistook me for someone actually important. I made my way into the venue for a quick shower and to go about my day.

After getting ready, I greeted my friends who I hadn’t seen in 3 months who were on the tour as well. It was nice to play catch up, and to meet some new friends. We decided the first order of business in France, was to have lunch accompanied with a large glass of wine.

Getting over there, was a tricky task within itself. The minute we stepped off the bus we were surrounded on all sides by screaming teenage girls. It also didn’t help that we had One Direction’s drummer in the group. A total sweet heart, but his popularity with the One Direction fans may have made him an honorary boy. We quickly exited the gate around the venue and booked it to the train station and attempted to make our way on a train before too many girls followed.

We finally made our way towards the Eiffel Tower and it wasn’t long before a group of girls recognized our party. Word of mouth information travels faster than anything I’ve ever seen within popular fandoms. It is an amazing, and terrifying thing to see how quickly information can spread across one side of the world to the next all thanks to social media. Tweets, Snapchats, and Instagram photos were in no short supply to spread celebrity locations and gossip. It’s disheartening though, to witness first hand the lack of privacy that anyone in the crew receives. The positive side of that, is the fans take the time to get to know a lot of members on the regular crew and often express their gratitude for working so hard to make every show possible.

Paris FoodWe sat down at a cute little cafe walking distance from the Eiffel Tower and I wanted to spend all my money on all the things right at that very moment. I ordered a recommendation, the Croque Madame, which sounds a lot fancier than it really is. Ultimately, it’s thick cut bread, ham, cheese all melted together with an egg on top. Absolute heaven..

I thought about starting early and grabbing a glass of wine, but I opted for a Coke instead. The large Coke was 8 euros, while a glass of wine was only 4. Maybe this is why Europeans are so much more healthy, as junk food costs a bit more so you really think about your choices. Not to say, wine is healthy… But I mean, it’s basically grape juice for adults!

ParisAfter lunch we took a stroll over to the Eiffel Tower and what a site! It towered above us and for a moment, I had an existential crisis about how small and insignificant I am in comparison to the surrounding universe.

We took this moment to act like total goof balls and tourists and take a dozen selfies in front of this magnificent beast of architecture. Unfortunately, we started to draw some of a crowd as word quickly spread where we were after an hour of dining and we had to make a mad dash back to the train station. This means that we didn’t have time to go up into the Eiffel Tower and really take in Paris in all its’ glory.

The train ride back to the Bercy Arena was a beautiful ride. Staring out the window, I watched all the buildings zoom by in a blur as the skylines reflected recent rain with overly green shrubbery. They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and in this case it definitely was. You really don’t get anything like this in Los Angeles or New York City. We have our own kind of concrete jungle.

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When getting back to the venue, the sea of girls had easily tripled. It didn’t take long to be spotted and have to fight our way back into the venue. Of course, once inside there was almost nothing to do and the hunger bug struck us. Since we were in Paris, of course we needed to get our crepe fix. We pushed our way back out to the front of the venue and went to a cute little cafe across the street where we indulged in the fluffiest crepes stuffed full of Nutella. I wish I had snapped a pic of it in all its’ glory. Unfortunately, I dropped the ball and all I have is a sweet and savory memory.

One Direction

After the opener, we went into the back for a delicious catered dinner. Once dinner was over, I could hear One Direction starting the night off. I made my way up into the crowd and stood in an aisle throughout the show to watch it. Having a badge definitely helped to find the best seat in the house on any given night.

The production, everything from lights to sound and stage design, blew my mind. The crew is definitely top notch and they worked to create one of the best concerts I had ever attended. The sound was crisp and clear from any seat in the house, and the stage had huge digital displays that changed to monitors video’ing the boys and gorgeous backdrops throughout the concert.

I was only 4 days into my Europe trip, and I was having the best time of my life.

After the show, we made our way back to the bus and decided to take a night time stroll to see Paris in under 3 hours. We made our way to Arc de Triomphe, the outside grounds of the Louvre, and we even got to see gorgeous fountains & Cleopatra’s Needle.

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Less than 24 hours in Paris was not enough time. Somehow, the city seemed to leave me a bit overwhelmed after post-tour excitement wore off, but as time has gone by I still find myself being called back to its’ cobblestoned streets and yearn for an extended stay in the city of love.

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