Strange Addictions: Meet Sheyla, & Her 38KKK’s

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Sheyla, a young & very attractive female, was recently on an episode of a new show TLC is producing called, ‘Strange Addictions.’ This show highlights some of the weird & impulsive behaviours human beings encounter due to psychological issues, or even just things that surface out of the blue. From one episode of a man who truly ‘loves’ his car, to another episode of a woman who is very fond of eating tape.. Sheyla in a sense might possibly be the somewhat normal of the bunch to have her spot on the show.

Sheyla is addicted to plastic surgery. But not just any type of plastic surgery. Over the past 13 years, she has underwent over 20 procedures grossing a cost of over $250,000! Her addiction started at age 19 when she decided to enhance her little B cup to a DD. Then as the years progressed, she ended up getting a size bigger every 6 months. Currently she sits at a size 38KKK & each breast contains 85 fluid ounces of saline, which is approximately more than a 6-pack of soda per breast!

Sheyla 38KKK Boobs

She says that having such large breasts has impacted her life in a negative aspect. She gets attention & constantly hounded for photographs from men anywhere she goes. But a bigger issue is she cannot hug her own daughter. While I can only imagine the pain she endures with her upper back lugging those bad girls around town from my own experience of being a D cup, she claims that she “will do anything for beauty.”

Well her thirst for beauty came with a hefty cost. In 2009 she contracted an almost fatal infection that she had to have her breasts removed. For the next year & a half she remained her natural breast size of a B Cup. But within the next year, Sheyla came to the realization she could not live without her breasts & attempted to take her own life. She spent 4 days in a coma after that recovering from her second brush with death, but never received any psychological evaluations or help after. About 15 months after having her prized 38kkk’s removed, she went against doctors orders to have Breast Augmentation one final time.

When is enough, well, enough? I have mentioned in a previous post a couple months back some of the Pro’s & Con’s of Breast Augmentation, revolving around when Kelly Rowland, former Destiny’s Child singer, came out to Cosmopolitan UK about her decision to undergo surgery. To summarize, for most, Breast Augmentation is simply to ease self-esteem issues. My theory, is if it makes you happy, go for it. But when do you know you crossed the line from being happy to being addicted? It’s a little hard to tell what someone can be addicted to in a society that capitalizes on instant-gratification for all things. That’s why it’s important to take a step back, & truly look at yourself & how your behaviour & rationalizations of it are impacting your day to day life.


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