Sexy Celeb Scandals: Taylor Swift

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It was roughly 8 months ago when Taylor Swift had her first Sexy Celeb Scandal on NotACleverGirl.com. For her, the classy & sleek Marilyn Monroe impression suited her bubbly yet shy & somehow big personality. But HollywoodLife.com reported an interesting story by comparing two side shot photos of Miss Swift & having several plastic surgeons show that it is more than likely she has partaken in plastic surgery.

The star was seen around this time last year sporting a braless dress with a very modest A cup. But as of a April 23rd, 2012, Taylor Swift was seen strutting her stuff in a cute striped dress with around a C cup. Now, I will give her the benefit of the doubt because of Victoria Secret. I normally rock a smaller D cup, but the bra they have makes my girls shine at a little over a DD. But even if that were the case, why not just come out & say so? Maybe she could work out a deal with Victoria Secret as a spokeswoman as well?

Taylor Swift has built her entire career off of being a wholesome, country girl with a broken heart & a big voice. So if she did go under the knife to fix what she deemed cosmetic flaws, would that ruin her image of innocence? Or would that make her more admirable for her honesty with herself & her loyal fans? Regardless of the truth behind the rumor, it still seems that no one really minds the sudden change in her bust. Doctors, gossip columns, & fans are all taking to the internet to say that she looks good.

Former Destiny’s Child singer, Kelly Rowland, came out in October 2011 to tell the press all about her decision to go under, including detailing some minor self-esteem issues. The singer also had thought about the decision for the better half of a decade before making any hasty or regretful choices. In the end, breast augmentation was a better choice for her & brought out a happier & more confident side of Kelly Rowland.

Do you think Taylor Swift is hopping on the late train of stars to get plastic surgery? Or do you think it’s simply just a damn good bra?

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