Your Private Parts Are More Like Facebook Check-Ins Than You Think

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While teens are veering further from the normal advertising spectrum of radio & print, & towards social media outlets to learn about new products, technologies, & more, it has become extremely apparent that basic concepts are being left behind.

While most schools are completely ignoring ‘Safe-Sex Education’ to focus on abstinence, teenagers globally are finding that they have to turn to social media outlets like Facebook to learn even the basics about sexual relationships & how to stay safe.

But with shows like Jersey Shore spamming our television sets with simple messages of promiscuity & irrational behaviour justified by your Blood Alcohol Content Levels.. will individuals anywhere truly know what to do when things get hot & heavy too fast with, well, a stranger?

This clever, & ingenious marketing strategy was created by the Finnish Aids Council. In the female version it shows a sexy, woman in some hot, lacy lingerie with a seductive smile. Upon looking closer you see the well-branded Facebook check-in symbol above her lady parts. To the side, it displays, ‘Matti Virtanen and 19 others were here.’ Which after that idea sets in.. it really makes you think about things.

You never truly know where your partner has been, & sometimes things are better left not said. But the scary truth behind that, is where their partners have been. My personal values have always fallen with only having sex with someone I am in a relationship with, & truly committed with. While in the modern eyes, that may come off to someone as me being some type of prude, I prefer to think of the act of sex as an art. An art where I can’t fully give myself to you if there is no emotion invested in it. It’s the same way I feel about painting. The paint, the brush, the canvas.. They all must commit to each other & become one, or the painting lacks the unity to stand out amongst the other Van Gogh’s & Warhol’s of our time.

But before you think this is a one-sided ad just targeting the promiscuity of women, think again. They also released a male version, that draws quite accurate statistics along the ratio of male vs female debauchery in the bedroom. While it has been proven time & time again that males & females of the same age usually have completely different numbers when it comes to sex partners, with males being on the higher end, this ad will push the boundaries of your thoughts when it comes to thinking about having his naughty in yours.

The purpose of the ad isn’t to force people not to have sex. I think that is far from the target point. This ad, funded & created by the Finnish Aids Council, has the primary goal of simply educating people to be smart about sex. Use a condom, until the time is right. Not only will this protect you from a majority of STD’s, but it will also help against unwanted pregnancies, which in my opinion can be more of a devastating outcome.

Put the price into perspective for a moment. A pack of condoms can range anywhere from $6-24. The medication for a curable STD like Chlamydia can range from $20-40 without insurance, & something like Gonorrhea can be anywhere from $25-80 depending on the severity & length antibiotics must be taken. But if you think the $30 or so is worth the chance to catch one of those STD’s, you may not always be so lucky. Contraction of Herpes & AIDS in our society is on an all time high, & unfortunately, there is no cure for either. With Herpes, as well as AIDS, a lifetime of medication will rule the rest of your natural life & also permanently cock-block you from future sexual encounters. The cost of AIDS medication can be estimated monthly around $1,500 IF you are just taking one prescription, which is rare, while the cost of Herpes medication roughly falls in the lower end at roughly $150 a month. If you were lucky to be blessed with an abundance of money in your family, don’t be fooled by thinking money will solve your problems down south when it comes to contracting an STD. Both AIDS & Herpes are permanent, & while medication may treat the side effects of the disease brewing within, AIDS is still 100% fatal in the long, or short run.

While it is completely ok to have the urge to want to sleep around, or experiment with peers of the opposite & same sex, it really boils down to the key factor; Be safe. I mean, it’s in our DNA & part of our primal instinct to want to mate with multiple partners throughout our existence. You can have a lot of fun while still protecting yourself with a condom.

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